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The new HTST Pasteurizer for human milk banks

Labor Baby srl is pleased to present, the new pasteurizer Lo.V. Milk 12 for processing of human milk collected in Human Milk Banks with the HTST method (High Temperature Short Time)

The Lo.V.Milk 12 pasteurizer, with its patented HTST process (European Patent N. 2974603 “Continuous flow pasteurizer for small amounts of liquid food”), keeps human milk much more similar to raw breast milk than the traditional method of pasteurization (Holder pasteurization: 62,5° C for 30′), maintaining the same microbiological safety.

Prodict description

General characteristics


The biggest advantages compared to Holder pasteurization (LTLT= 62,5° C for 30 minutes) are:

  • Unaltered protein profile
  • Increased retention of IgA, lactoferrin and lipase
  • Minor loss of the antioxidant capacity of human milk

Tests carried out in the laboratories of the National Research Concuil (CNR) of Turin and of the University of Turin

RAW ucf/ml
HTST 72 °C 15 sec.
Staphylococcus spp
7,5 x 102
Absent in 1 ml
Total count (30°C)
2,5 x 103
< 10/ml (undetectable)
Challenge test Inoculated pathogen
HTST 72 °C 15 sec.
Salmonella enterica*
1 x 106
Absent in 1 ml
Staphylococcus aureus*
1 x 106
Absent in 1 ml
*The challenge experiment has been performed in triplicate

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