About us

The activity of the company has its roots in the 60s when its founder, Mr Gianluigi Rossi, began and matured a great experience in the field of industrial machinery for processing and production of plastic. In particular, they were acquired in-depth knowledge of the new and emerging technologies in the field of blow moulding and injection moulding machines.

Towards the end of the 70s, Mr Rossi decided that the time was ripe to develop his technical skills for the direct benefit of his own production system. Thanks to the knowledge of companies using large-scale plastic products, Mr Rossi founded the first company specialized in the manufacture of feeding bottles in high density polyethylene (HDPE) for babies; this activity was an absolute novelty in the Italian market. The growing development of this highly specialized production required over the years more and more investment and more resourceful and accurate business organization.

Meanwhile, Mr Rossi decides to fully transform their company, founding in 1998 the new corporate reality now called LABOR BABY srl. The new company joins the activity of feeding bottles and silicone teats with a series of products for the pharmaceutical, food and industrial factories and aims to grow in a broader market area.

Our values


The feeding bottles and teats are disposable and ready for use; this allows to have a safe and fast to use product, relieving the operator’s work avoiding washing and sterilization. The teats are equipped with ring cap to exclude accidental contamination.


Teats and feeding bottles are sterilized with Beta Rays that guarantees the safety of sterility, but also the absence of residues of the same sterilizing product. The products are in heat sealable bags, one more barrier that maintains long-term effectiveness of the sterilization.


One of the objectives of Labor Baby is also the environment. So to leave a clean environment to the future generations we've chosen to:

Use 70% of the energy from renewable sources, by installing solar panels and avoiding yearly 55 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

A cleaner work process, as the method of sterilization with X-Rays since the 70s, that does not use chemicals

Laser Processing on feeding bottles so that ink is not used (see scale graded or customization)

Possibility to recycle the plastic