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In keeping with our long company tradition for innovation,we are delighted to introduce the new antimicrobial feeding bottle with silver ions (Ag+). We have applied for a patent for our invention.

Product description

Studies on the biber+ feeding bottle demonstrated an excellent antimicrobial efficacy thanks to the optimal silver ion concentration along with their homogeneous dispersion. The biber+ feeding bottle does not change the characteristics of the breast milk, in accordance with hygiene /health guidelines for milk banks, transportation or storage

The feeding bottle biber+ doesn’t change the properties of mother’s milk, respecting the sanitary criteria used for milk banks,the conservation and transport

The biber+ feeding bottle prevents proliferation of bacteria and fungus from any accidental contact.

Tests performed on biber+ feeding bottles showed up to 98% antimicrobial efficacy after 24 hours, with a migration of only < 100 ppb

The efficacy of the antimicrobial feeding bottle has been investigated using the industry standard ASMT E2128 2007 method. The has been subjected to, and passed, all tests of suitability for contact with food in compliance with CEE 2002/72/CE – 2007/19/CE – UE N. 10/2011 guidelines and their subsequent changes and EN 14350 European guidelines.

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