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The company, with a spirit of innovation, has always been a promoter of new products destined for the neonatal wards and donated human milk banks, products for pharmaceuticals, food and industrial sectors.

Foto di un neonato


The feeding bottles and teats are disposable and ready for use; this allows to have a safe and fast to use product, relieving the operator’s work avoiding washing and sterilization. The teats are equipped with ring cap to exclude accidental contamination.


Teats and feeding bottles are sterilized with Beta Rays that guarantees the safety of sterility, but also the absence of residues of the same sterilizing product. The products are in heat sealable bags, one more barrier that maintains long-term effectiveness of the sterilization.


Thanks to the installation of solar panels, 70% of the used energy comes from renewable sources, avoiding yearly 55 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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